May 2019

Can I Loan My Dad Money to Pay for His Nursing Home Until He Qualifies for Medicaid?

Q: My dad currently lives in an adult family home. We spent down his retirement and savings to pay for the facility, and then he applied for Medicaid. The State of Pennsylvania denied him Medicaid benefits for being over the asset limit because he owns an old motorhome. The state is valuing the motorhome well

Maximizing Social Security Survivor’s Benefits

Social Security survivor's benefits provide a safety net to widows and widowers. But to get the most out of the benefit, you need to know the right time to claim. While you can claim survivor's benefits as early as age 60, if you claim benefits before your full retirement age, your benefits will be permanently

Is My Will Still Valid If I Move to Another State?

Among all the changes you must make when you move to a new state -- driver's license, voter registration -- don't forget your will. While your will should still be valid in the new state, there may be differences in the new state's laws that may make certain provisions of the will invalid. In addition,