March 2017

Medicaid…You Don’t Have to Wait Five Years – Or Go Broke

by Stanley M. Vasiliadis For nursing home residents, impoverishment is the price of admission into the Medicaid program. While most spend themselves broke, a savvy few manage to qualify for Medicaid without forfeiting their estate. One way to do that is with the “gift & annuity” strategy. Sadly, many nursing home residents actually do exhaust

How Life Insurance Can Be Used to Fund a Special Needs Trust

By Caleb Harty Once the all-important question of “How much money should I plan to leave my child?” has been answered, the next step in special needs financial planning is to determine what assets will be used and when they will be passed on. Typically, special needs trusts (SNTs) are not funded until the parents'

Strict Timeline Governs Health Savings Accounts and Medicare

Beware of a six-month look-back period and tax penalties By Mary Beth Franklin Many clients have chosen to enroll in health savings accounts (HSAs) because they like the triple tax savings that HSAs offer when paired with a high-deductible health insurance plan. But things can get very complicated when clients approach Medicare-eligibility age. The rules