July 2017

In Trusts We Trust…to Protect Our Assets from Long-term Care

By Stanley M. Vasiliadis, Esquire, CELA Many retirement and estate plans fail to adequately address issues relating to the risk of chronic incapacity. A “secure retirement” isn’t really secure if planning is not in place to ensure adequate funding for performance of personal care needs and everyday tasks in the event of chronic incapacity. What

As States Kill Estate Taxes, Will Push To Repeal Federal Estate Tax Become Irresistible?

By Paul Caron Wall Street Journal Tax Report, Why More States Are Killing Estate Taxes: Want proof taxes can actually go down? In the past three years, nine states have eliminated or lowered their estate taxes, mostly by raising exemptions. And more reductions are coming. Minnesota lawmakers recently raised the state’s estate-tax exemption to $2.1 million

Ensuring Continuity in Delivering Care to a Trust Beneficiary

If you are the main person managing the care of the beneficiary of a special needs trust, have you planned yet for a time when you may no longer be able to perform this crucial role?  It is important to plan appropriately to ensure that the beneficiary will have an advocate and someone closely managing