January 2018

Announcement – Dionysios Pappas and George Vasiliadis Take the Helm

Dionysios Pappas and George Vasiliadis take the helm at Vasiliadis Pappas Associates LLC. Stanley Vasiliadis remains in Of Counsel capacity Effective January 1, 2018, ownership and management of Vasiliadis & Associates vested in Dionysios C. Pappas and George M. Vasiliadis, long-time associates of Stanley M. Vasiliadis. The new firm, Vasiliadis Pappas Associates LLC, starts the

New Tax Bill – How It Will Affect You?

By Ron Leiber and Tara Seigel Bernard (UPDATED) — Republican lawmakers passed a sweeping tax overhaul this week. Several of the most anticipated changes — such as a significant increase in the standard deduction and the curtailing of state and local income tax breaks — made the final cut of the bill. Some of the most controversial

Medical Expense Deduction – Not Ended but Expanded

Included in the new tax bill, signed by President Trump on December 22, is a provision that could provide some temporary relief for families with high medical expenses. Federal law currently allows families with medical expenses exceeding 10 percent of their adjusted gross incomes to deduct certain medical expenses from their income taxes, provided that

How Does Workers’ Comp Affect SSDI Benefits?

Some people become disabled as the result of a work-related illness or injury. In these cases, the individual may be eligible for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, their total benefits may be limited by what is known as the “workers’ compensation offset.” Key to understanding the interplay between the two programs