February 2019

Window Closing for Couples to Use ‘Claim Now, Claim More Later’ Social Security Strategy

Spouses who are turning full retirement age this year are the last group who can choose whether to take spousal benefits or to take benefits on their own record. The strategy, used by some couples to maximize their benefits, will not be available to people turning full retirement age after 2019.

Am I Legally Required to Support My Adult Child with Disabilities? Maybe.

By Patricia Kalla Zonnenberg The New York Times Magazine's weekly The Ethicist column recently explored a difficult question that may challenge many parents of adult children with special needs. The Ethicist helps people sort out the morality of the choices they have. In "May I Cut My Daughter Out of My Life?", an anonymous parent writes that his or

What Is an ABLE Account? An Introduction

Since the passage of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act in 2014, tens of thousands of people with disabilities have opened up new, special tax-free savings accounts to save for disability-related expenses. These accounts, popularly known as ABLE accounts, allow many people with disabilities or their families to save while the account owner remains on government assistance.  The accounts