August 2023

When Does Someone Need Financial Guardianship?

Adults who cannot manage their finances and do not have requisite cognitive capacity to appoint an agent under power of attorney become subject to court supervision via appointment of a guardian. In Pennsylvania, such a person is referred to as a “Guardian of the Estate”. In cases where individuals need help with personal care decisions,

What is a “Spendthrift Trust” and Who Needs One?

Did you ever wonder what happens to most inheritances after they are received? An Ohio State University study determined that those who receive an inheritance spend half. One-third of those who received an inheritance spend it all within two years and end up with negative savings. Unfortunately, a typical inheritance does not provide sustained financial

SSDI for Adults With Disabilities When a Parent Retires

When the parent of an adult with disabilities retires or passes away, the child may qualify for federal disability benefits, even if the child has never worked. Each month in 2021, the Social Security Administration (SSA) paid an average of $2.8 billion in benefits to 4 million children with retired, deceased, or disabled parents. Social