Many people confuse “Medicaid” with “Medicare”. Medicaid, also referred to as Medical Assistance, is a state-operated program in compliance with federal guidelines. It was created in 1965 at the same time as Medicare in Pennsylvania. The Medicaid program is operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services through a series of field offices called County Assistance Offices. Medicaid and Medicare are separate programs. These programs were enacted by the federal government. They form the health care component of the Social Security Act, which was originally passed in 1934 to provide for retirement, survivors benefits, and disability benefits. Although intended for poor persons, Medicaid has become the means by which middle income Americans pay for long-term nursing home care. Nursing homes cost $125,000 per year.  Medicare and health insurance don’t pay for long-term care in a facility or at home.  With proper planning, persons can qualify for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care without losing their home and life savings.

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