Incorporating legal measures as part of one’s estate and retirement planning to protect against catastrophic healthcare costs, especially nursing home charges, is important but often overlooked. Elder law attorneys have the expertise needed to properly address those concerns in addition to handling other aspects of estate planning.

But what if someone has already entered a nursing home without having first engaged in long-term care planning? Contrary to what most people think, it’s not too late, even for such persons, to take protective legal measures, especially as regards real estate. Earlier this month Vasiliadis Pappas Associates rolled out their first in a series of new monthly one-hour webinars for 2024 addressing this topic. Whether its one’s principal residence, a rental, property used in a trade or business, or unimproved land, various legal measures are available to protect these assets.

Part I focused on measures applicable to married persons. Part II, to be presented next month, explores the somewhat more complicated situation confronting unmarried persons. Join us! Learn more